Two Minutes to Midnight

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali/ Chris Kelley via Flickr

Under the super-blue-blood-moon      the truth eclipsed,
Two minutes left to love you

( time enough, perhaps, to contemplate  ,  why ..

Just footsteps in to our “Common Era” 21st century global village
This virgin earth never consented to our advances.
But for to court your last attention, should I quote:

a comic-book politician
a once-revered pop song / holy text
the ‘fake news’ of science –

 demand an end to the tyranny of Gravity?

Then wrap you in the cellophane desire of smothering need
Until you believe me?

China will no longer accept my dirty recyclables
No way to be rid of you.

It’s two minutes to Midnight  /  one ‘tweet’ from annihilation
warns the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ,

( ..better write her a poem quick –

“Remember that day you weren’t going to work
  We sang love on the mountain

before the forest burnt away…”

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