When I Was

Anastasiya Markovich "Effect of Butterfly"

When I was a rock
    I knew patience
    and slowly,
    my sharp edges
    became smooth
While tree
    I knew squirrels,
    sparrows and mites
    steady friends
    wind and sky
As butterfly
    how I ached to leave
    my coccoon,
    my self-made
sheltered transformation
    struggled out
    exhausted on a twig
    flight was easy
    fragrant flowers
    shared their nectar
    my joyful
Today, I am human.
    Often, I notice,
    it’s not easy being human.
I’m still learning how.
    (If you know,
    please tell me.)

Ira G. Liss is a musician, entertainer, wedding officiant and hosts his own live, monthly variety, art, talk show.

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