ICUMI (in case you missed it) Feb. 11, 2016

An irreverent and not always accurate view of the world

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All you need to know about Hillary
No, we’re not talking about decades of scandals, from the firing of the folks at the White House travel office to the unsupervised destruction of more than 50,000 emails she claimed were private that were on the same server from which she was illegally conducting her state department business.

Nope, that is not all you need to know about Hillary Clinton, although it is enough. All you need to know about Hillary is that she has such a total disregard for truth and morality that she was willing to go on national television and claim that Wall Street has spent $6 million dollars to try and keep her from being elected while at that very moment having some $15 million in Wall Street donations sitting in her super PAC. Only a narcissist who thinks other people are too stupid to see through her lies would have had the lack of character to even contemplate such a disgusting act.

Done. Game over. What Clinton did in her last debate with Sanders makes Gary Hart challenging the media to catch him having an affair look like a reasonable political strategy.

Hell, not only should she not be president, at this point, no self-respecting parent would let her play with the kids.

Pundits caught in the middle
We’ve touched on this before but it’s worth pointing out again: Why is it so hard for TV “reporters” and pundits to just say, “Wow, Bernie Sanders is winning because his message is resonating with voters who understand that the political system has been hijacked by legal bribery perpetrated by corporations, the uber-wealthy and politicians who can be bought by way of campaign contributions”? Referring, of course, to Hillary Clinton and the other establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle who have helped to usher in this anti-democratic pay-to-play system over the past 40 years.

Here’s why: Bernie Sanders has made it clear that he intends to pay for his social programs and campaign finance reform agenda by eliminating the tax loopholes that have been created by Clinton and her fellow bought-and-paid-for politicians over the years.
For example, he specifically named GE and Boeing and a couple of others who pay absolutely no taxes or have been granted huge tax subsidies by corrupt politicians.
So why can’t the talking heads at say MSNBC or NBC talk about Sanders’ plan in real dollars and cents instead of just bemoaning his socialism?

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screenshot MSNBC

Well, it could be because GE owned MSNBC and NBC up until 2013. Yes, that GE, the one Sanders specifically says he will force to pay its fair share. Since 2013, these two “newsrooms” have been owned by Comcast. Yes, that Comcast, the one that has been given one of the nation’s largest tax subsidies, a subsidy that Sanders has made clear he will attempt to eliminate.

It’s the same story at the other networks and cable stations, which are similarly owned by mega-corporations who fear what a Sanders presidency would mean for their ability to largely or entirely bypass the U.S. tax system.

The truth is, television’s overpaid, so-called journalists can’t report on the success of the Sanders campaign or the soundness of his policies without risking the loss of their often-seven-figure paychecks. And for that reason they are as much a part of the problem as their parent companies.