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Bureaucracy beater award

This one is for real. BW hereby awards Evan Ravitz with its first annual Bureaucracy Beater Award.

To understand why, just look at the three photos below and read Evan’s letter to the Boulder City Council, which we have included herein.

Good on ya, Evan.

Evan’s letter:

“After waiting 11 days for the city to fix the permanent puddle/ice dam right at the main intersection of the Broadway Bike Path and the Boulder Creek Path, I borrowed a shovel and dug a ditch to empty the puddle into the Creek in 45 minutes. Since then the city has covered the ditch with rounded stones, probably an improvement, as my ditch was filling with autumn leaves, which could dam it up. But I don’t know if this will work for more than one winter. Sediment from the surroundings will fill it in.

Anyway, it works for a small snowfall like last night’s. I’m attaching a photo from this morning, a photo from about 3 weeks ago before I fixed it, and a photo of the ditch right after I dug it, parallel to the shovel. 

I reported three other permanent puddles/ice dams on the Creek Path between the high school and Folsom St. back in January. As far as I know none of these have been fixed. I bet all four problems date from the 2013 flood. The fact that no one apparently reported them, shows few people use the paths in winter or think it’s worth trying to get the city to do anything.

Evan Ravitz, guide, photographer, writer, editor. Ex-not-so-tight-rope artist. Direct democracy promoter since 1989. The improbable takes a bit longer…”

Courtesy Evan Ravitz
Before Evan
Courtesy Evan Ravitz
After Evan
Courtesy Evan Ravitz
After City’s rocks added