An irreverent and not always accurate view of the world

Joel Dyer | Boulder Weekly

Can’t argue with that

What often passes for fun around BW’s office is the reading aloud of press releases. We have even talked of saving a few dozen of our favorites throughout the year and dedicating an entire special issue to them. Maybe we could call it something like the Daily Weekly issue. But we digress.

This press release headline caught our eye this week: “Colorado Springs, CO has been recognized as the nation’s top city for sleep.”

What can we say other than we agree. Folks in Colorado Springs must spend their days focusing on their families and then going right to bed. Seriously, we’d be pissed off if any town in Boulder County won this award.

What will the Springs win next year? How about best place with absolutely nothing to do, or maybe America’s boredom capital, or how about top town to be in a coma? Best effing city for sleep. They should put that proudly on one of those green signs as you come into town.


Most of us will spend this Thanksgiving weekend gorging on our holiday favorites, laughing, fighting and laughing again with family members and sitting on the couch aimlessly flipping through the channels waiting for A Christmas Story to start playing on repeat. In so doing, you may just catch sight of a rocket launch, albeit we can’t guarantee it will be impressive.

This weekend, Californian ex-limosine-driver-turned-pseduo-mad-scientist Mike Hughes will climb into his homemade $20,000 rocket and launch himself 1,800 miles in the air above the Mojave Desert from a makeshift mobile-home-turned-launch pad. If you question the goal of Hughes’ quest, look no further than the boldly painted “Research Flat Earth” written along the side of the rocket.

That’s right, Hughes is a Flat Earther, following in the footsteps of others who deny the Earth is round, such as the rapper B.O.B. This small but mighty group of conspiracy theorists think that the whole “ball Earth” theory is just made up by astronauts and government officials. Really, the Earth is more like a Nabisco cookie — mostly flat, with only the slightest dome on one side. The oceans, of course, are held in place by a ring of sea ice. What’s beyond that, who knows?

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. So enjoy that hearty meal, then settle in for the show. This could just be the Thanksgiving that the whole world gets turned upside down. Or it could be Mr. Hughes’ last Thanksgiving