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At this point, Republicans are Trump

For a while we made excuses for Republicans. Hell, we even felt sorry for them having to claim Trump as one of their own and even sit in meetings with the big, orange, racist sexual predator we call President these days. But no more.

Republicans gambled and lost. They thought they could make Trump their useful idiot as they schemed to take away our health care and raise taxes on all but the richest among us who would actually be given the money taken from the poor and middle class. But it’s backfired. The problem is that Trump is such a mentally disturbed madman that he may well destroy our democracy and launch World War III before the Republicans can use his signature to pillage the treasury. His destructive powers in the executive branch are simply moving much faster than the greed of Congressional Republicans.

Wikimedia Commons/White House

Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will destroy all hope of Israeli/Palestinian peace as well as potentially start a Middle East war. He already has us on the precipice of a nuclear war with North Korea. And let’s not forget he is supporting an alleged child molester for the Senate and stands accused of sexually assaulting a dozen women himself, and has been recorded admitting he likes to sexually assault women.

The useful idiot defense for Republicans has run its course. Only the Republicans can remove this mad man from office and instead of impeaching this mentally ill asshole, they have made tax breaks for their campaign donors their highest priority. They now own everything Trump does from this point forward. They must be punished at the polls and removed from office for their selfish lack of action. And after that we must do the same thing to Democrats if and when they make their wealthy donors their top priority.

Maybe it’s the football team

According to The Great Love Debate, which describes itself as “a nationally touring series of live Town Hall-style forums on love, dating, and relationships,” Denver, Colorado, has been named “America’s Worst City to Find Love.” Our state’s capital barely beat out San Francisco for the dubious honor.

In case you are a love-starved Denverite willing to travel to find cupid’s arrow, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been named “America’s Best City To Find Love” for 2017. Bumper sticker: I (heart symbol) Cheeseheads.

Wikimedia Commons/Chris F.

The organization says it used a “formula that considered the opinions and demographic data from over 62,000 singles who attended the tour’s live shows in over 80 North American cities, and the millions who listened to the top-rated Great Love Debate with Brian Howie podcast to determine the winners, and in our case, losers.

We don’t know why Brian Howie’s podcast listeners didn’t like Denver. Shoot, we don’t even know who Brian Howie is. But we say hang in there, Denver, love is probably just around the corner and if not, try becoming a Packers fan.

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