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Katie Couric you naughty journo
Is it really that hard to say, “Oops, I edited my movie to make the people I don’t agree with look too stupid to answer my questions even though in real life they answered them just fine.”
Apparently so if you are a famous newsreader … errr, we mean journalist like Katie Couric.

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Wikimedia Commons

So if you haven’t heard, Couric made a movie called Under the Gun, a doc about gun violence. The film shows her asking members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a group of… let’s just call them “enthusiastic supporters of the Second Amendment,” a question about background checks. The film then shows them staring at each other like a heard of tranquilized big-foot hunters for a full eight seconds unable to answer the super-journalist’s awesome question.

Unfortunately for Couric and all journalists everywhere whose credibility takes a hit every time some TV personality like Couric stretches the truth for ratings, page views or the box office of her own movie, it simply wasn’t true.

Turns out the gun loving folks had actually answered Couric’s question immediately and that the film had been edited to give the false impression they were stumped, or as Couric described it in her lacking apology, the eight seconds was put in so the audience had time to ponder the importance of her question.

The real downside of this truth and honesty stuff is now we have to rethink Couric’s whole career. For instance, what if Sarah Palin’s not really that stupid, just edited to look like a complete illiterate moron? Do we even really know whose back door that probe was going up when Katie taught us all about preemptive medicine by letting us supposedly watch her bowels being probed? What is real? We just don’t know anymore. Thanks for nothing Katie.

North Korea gets it half right
State media in North Korea has officially jumped into the U.S. presidential race by telling its captive audience, “the president that U.S. citizens must vote for is not that dull Hillary.” The report then goes on to add that Donald Trump is a “wise” and “far-sighted presidential candidate.”

Well, they got it half right. Admit it, she’s dull as an old jelly jar that’s been bashed around in dirty sink water for two decades. But there are worse things than being called “dull” by North Koreans.

ICUMI art 2 Trump_and_Rodman_2009
wikimedia Commons

How awful do you have to be to get the political stamp of approval from a nut-job leader whose only concept of our country comes via his best pal Dennis Rodman?

Wait a minute. A Trump/Rodman ticket actually has a certain, shall we say, “symmetry.” Maybe those North Koreans are onto something.

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