Here is quick update on the continuing trials and tribulations of Ken Buck, our nut job, Tea Party embarrassment of a Congressman who holds Colorado’s 4th CD seat. In only his first few months in office, Buck has already managed to become a national laughing stock. First, he can’t say the name of any legislation put forward by Democrats without first attaching the word Obama to it. Obamacare, Obamatrade, Obamabudget.

Come on Ken, don’t be the guy who tells the same stupid joke a hundred times, surely you got some border crossin’ and same-sex marriage jokes in that bag of tricks of yours.

Next, Buck got photographed holding a Red, White and Blue AR-15 assault rifle that he actually, not kidding, keeps above a copy of the Second Amendment in his congressional office. He then tried to turn the fact that his irresponsible behavior with his gun caused an investigation. He blamed the investigation on a liberal conspiracy that was somehow tied to the Benghazi investigation. Nice one Ken. It’s good to know that when the UN troops attack America from Mexico, you’ll be the only congressman armed and ready to save America.

How bad is it? Buck’s own party just tried to impeach and remove him from his elected ceremonial position as Republican Freshman Class President. It’s a meaningless, powerless position that made him in charge of the punch at fundraising events or something like that, but they still don’t want him to have it. All this in just his first few months. Who could have predicted it?

Well, honestly, anyone who ever followed the career of Ken Buck. Buck is performing exactly as he has his entire time in elected office. Which brings us to the title of this segment: Thank you Denver Post. Thank you as in the way Jon Stewart said “thank you” when Donald trump announced his run for the presidency.

But we are still puzzled as to why an actual news organization would have told its sizable readership to vote for Ken Buck, a politician who has been pulling his foot out of his mouth for decades and never doing more than promising to obstruct the other side at all costs. But then again, you also worked overtime put Cory Gardner into office and he flipped all his positions back to hyper-Tea Party the day after the election. So thanks again Denver Post, and we’re sure most of Colorado feels the same appreciation.


The following was sent as a press release to BW on June 19, less than 48 hours after the Charleston shooting that killed nine:

“In the wake of the tragic events of Charleston, South Carolina, 2AO is asking for Americans to rise up and protect our nation’s churches through responsible gun training and ownership.

2AO has condemned the horrible actions of the shooter in Charleston and has called upon its over 160,000 members and 26 state chapters to begin aiding in comprehensive gun training and safety awareness in their church communities in order to protect themselves and their fellow parishioners from the potential of both foreign and domestic terrorist attacks.”

Just can’t picture Jesus with an AK-47.