Tokeativity brings cannabis-friendly women’s space to Denver


lot of people are surprised to learn this because nothing about my personality suggests this, but I was a sorority girl in college. We organized themed socials where we would dress up to drink cheap beer in a dirty frat house basement. Today, as an almost-30-year-old who has no desire to drink alcohol or hang out in spaces where I have to ask someone to watch my drink when I go to the bathroom, that sounds like my literal worst nightmare.

However, I do miss the costume parties with my girlfriends and wish there were more opportunities to do stuff like that for adults who favor cannabis over alcohol. That’s where Tokeativity comes in.

Tokeativity is a movement that started in Portland in 2016 with an intention to nurture a safe space for women to connect, learn and create meaningful experiences around cannabis. They connect women of all ages by hosting events and curating focused experiences such as cannabis socials, workshops, networking, panels, films, guest artists and more. They have chapters all over the world, including one that began in Denver last month.

In the past, the closest I’ve come to an organized weed social is watching The Bachelor with my best friend on Monday nights, which usually consists of us getting stoned and hanging out on our phones together. Then I attended my first Tokeativity event in October, and I was so excited about it that I decided to chat with one of the founders, Lisa Snyder, to learn more.

What inspired you to start this?

“I went to a women’s festival and saw what life was like when you took the patriarchy out of the equation. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I became incredibly determined to teach other women what women’s space felt like and how women could change their lives personally and professionally just by taking a break from patriarchal values. In women’s space, you can take off a couple onion layers you don’t even realize you have. Women at Tokeativity don’t have to think about someone spiking their drink or grabbing their ass. Who can you be when you don’t have to worry about those things?”

How did you grow from an event into a movement?

“Women on Instagram were asking us how they could do this where they lived. That was the catalyst for me building Toketivity Connect, our online membership platform that helps everyone stay connected about events and classes. Even if we’re not in a place physically, we can still connect online in a meaningful way. It allows for women who may not be out of the green closet to be anonymous if they’re scared about their job or having their children taken away. When I was building out the website, I put out a call asking if anyone wanted to start a chapter where they lived, so it kinda came to us. We now have 95 women who are wanting to start chapters across the country.”

Are you excited about the new Denver chapter?

“Yes, our first social was incredible and we were met with open arms by the community.

As of now, all our events in Denver are private, but that could change in the future if we work with a consumption lounge.”

What does success look like to you?

“We’re actually making a meaningful difference in someone’s life and we see it unravel itself in front of use. Everything from women being like, ‘OMG this is one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to,’ to, ‘I just met my business partner or best friend.’ I feel like we’re here to really enjoy our lives and I want other people to find the blockages and to move through them. I feel like that’s part of my spiritual job here as a human –— to help people move behind barriers. Success to me long-term looks like having chapters across the world and making an active difference, like there’s more women in cannabis because of Tokeativity or there’s more women in leadership roles because we’ve helped to build self-confidence just by showing up. It’s what brings me joy. I like seeing joy in other people and I like helping other people grow. I think when you find your path, you’re a happier person and I like participating in that kind of energy in that life.”

How do you get involved?

“No matter where women live, they can connect with others on our online social network, Tokeativity Connect. Whether you’re a curious first timer or daily consumer, all women are welcome to join in our community in person or online. You can also follow @tokeativity on Instagram.”

When is the next Denver Social?

“Dec. 15. We’re getting into the holiday spirit with the theme ‘Glitter and Gold.’ There will be food and crafts, like a CBD creation station for making holiday gifts.

The first 25 women to register will receive a free gift at the door. If you would like to request an invitation, please email”

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