Arrested for ‘having a big heart’

Mindy Rappoport | Boulder Weekly

More than
75 local businesses leaders and community members have volunteered to be “arrested”
by volunteer deputies from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on July 14 to raise money for the
Muscular Dystrophy Association.

At 11 a.m.,
noon and 1 p.m., volunteers will be picked up at work, taken to a mock jail at
the Rembrandt Yard in Boulder, booked, photographed and charged with “having a
big heart,” as part of the Telethon Executive Lock-Up. A luncheon will also be
provided by Pasta Jay’s, which has donated its catering services.

“We are
hoping to have about 100 people and looking to raise about $50,000,” says Heather
Miller, fundraising coordinator for the MDA. “That money stays local, and it
goes to provide much-needed services and support for folks with muscular
dystrophy, so that can include wheelchair and leg brace repairs, clinic visits,
support groups.”

“jailbirds” are collecting donations prior to serving their jail time in an
attempt to make their bail of $1,600, which is the cost of sending two kids to
the MDA’s week-long summer camp in Empire.

The MDA,
which has been hosting the Telethon Executive Lock-Up for 23 years, is a
nonprofit health agency that funds worldwide research to help cure muscular
dystrophy, ALS and related diseases. It provides education, advocacy, health
care and support services.

Yard is located at 1301 Spruce St. in Boulder.