Boulder County chooses Romanoff over Bennet

Jefferson Dodge | Boulder Weekly

While incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet edged challenger Andrew
Romanoff in the statewide Senate race, the opposite was true in Boulder County.

According to final unofficial election results posted by the
county clerk and recorder’s office, Romanoff took 51.4 percent of the vote
among Boulder County Democrats, while Bennet garnered 48.6 percent.

And, in the lower-profile-but-fun-to-say Stringer vs. Finger
Senate race among the Libertarians, Maclyn “Mac” Stringer edged John Finger,
although in Boulder County the former trailed the latter by five votes.

On the other hand, Republicans in the county trended with
the rest of the state in choosing Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck over
Jane Norton, 54.5 percent to 45.5 percent, in the Senate primary.

In the 2nd Congressional District Republican primary,
Stephen Bailey handily beat Bob Brancato, who had briefly suspended his
campaign after a Boulder Weekly article on a domestic disturbance at his home last
fall. (No charges were filed, and Brancato and his wife disputed the Firestone
police’s account of the incident.)

In the Democratic primary for House District 12, which
includes Lafayette, Louisville and part of Longmont, Matt Jones defeated Jake
Williams 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent. The tone of that race took a nasty turn
earlier this summer when Williams accused his opponent of running a “push
poll,” a negative phone-calling campaign loosely disguised as a survey. Jones
responded by telling Boulder Weekly he was considering legal action
because Williams had “recklessly and knowingly fabricated information.”

In the gubernatorial primary on the Republican side, Dan
Maes edged Scott McInnis. Boulder County Republicans followed the state trend,
giving Maes 57.9 percent of the vote to McInnis’ 42.1 percent.

Maes will take on Democrat and Denver Mayor John
Hickenlooper, Tom Tancredo, who recently left the Republicans to run under the
American Constitution Party, and Libertarian Jaimes Brown, who soundly defeated
Dan “Kilo” Sallis at both the state and county levels.

Boulder County also held with the rest of the state when
Walker Stapleton beat J.J. Ament in the Republican primary for state treasurer.

In the Democratic primary for county surveyor, Jason Emery
defeated Alan Greenberg, 53.8 percent to 46.2 percent.