Boulder police offer tips to parents about stranger interaction

Boulder Weekly Staff | Boulder Weekly

Boulder police announced today that there have been several recent reports of strangers approaching middle school students during after-school hours in north Boulder. Although no crimes have been committed, police are offering a few tips to parents to pass on to their children about interacting with strangers.

%uFFFD Never talk to strangers;
%uFFFD If an unknown adult tries to approach you, run away and report it to the nearest trustworthy adult;
%uFFFD If you cannot run away, yell “HELP!” as loudly as you can;
%uFFFD Don’t be outside alone — walk or play with a friend.

Here are some other points to emphasize during conversations about safety:

%uFFFD Always check first with a parent, guardian, or trusted adult before going anywhere, accepting anything, or getting into a car with anyone.
%uFFFD Say “no” if someone tries to touch you, or treats you in a way that makes you feel sad, scared, or confused. Get out of the situation as quickly as possible.
%uFFFD Tell a parent, guardian, or trusted adult if you feel sad, scared, or confused.
%uFFFD There will always be someone to help you, and you have the right to be safe.

Anyone with information about the recent incidents is asked to contact the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333.