Gingrich Patron Set to Donate Another $10 Million


Newt Gingrich’s current cash crunch may soon be a thing of the past, at least for a few weeks.

and CBS News are both reporting that billionaire casino magnate Sheldon
Adelson will soon fork over an additional $10 million to the Super PAC
supporting the former House speaker’s presidential campaign. Adelson and
his wife have already given Winning the Future roughly $11 million, a
donation that closed the gap—at least somewhat—between Gingrich and Mitt
Romney earlier this year.

CNN’s sources say that the eight-figure donation will come before the
end of the month, while CBS’s suggest that it could happen within days.
Adelson had previously suggested that his further financial support of
Gingrich was in doubt, and signaled that he’d be ready and willing to
back Romney if the time came.

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