Help the Library of Congress solve a mystery


WASHINGTON — How are your sleuthing skills?

If you think you’re pretty sharp and have an interest in Civil War history, the Library of Congress may have a challenge for you.

The identities of many of the individuals who appear
in ambrotypes and tintypes found in the exhibit, “The Last Full
Measure: Civil War Photographs from the Liljenquist Family Collection,”
remains a mystery. Only a handful of images had any type of
identification when the Liljenquist family acquired the photographs.

Some images of unknown figures do bear small clues,
such as regimental markings and studio backdrops, which could help
attach a name to the face.

The Library of Congress has established a Flickr page where
visitors can take a stab at helping identify a select group of
anonymous soldiers and civilians in the Liljenquist collection.

The Web address is


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