Holding the Line

A video report on the coming wave of oil and gas drilling planned for Boulder County, CO

The Story Group

This summer and beyond, two oil and gas companies —Crestone and Extraction’s subsidiary 8 North — are moving forward with plans to develop new oil and gas wells along the eastern edge of Boulder County. Communities like Erie that straddle the Weld-Boulder County line have already seen what that means for their quality of life: noise, toxic releases, and fear for their health and well being. Many Boulder County residents are hoping to hold the line at the county line. The odds aren’t stacked in their favor, given Colorado’s current politics, laws, and regulatory agencies, which are all tilted in favor of hydrocarbon development. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which has never denied a permit, will be considering a number of applications in the coming months.

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Ted Wood and Daniel Glick of The Story Group have been documenting the conflicts between the oil and gas industry and communities in the Front Range for the past two years. They recently won first-place awards for their investigative series, Fractured, which appeared both in the Boulder Weekly and in The Colorado Independent.

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