Mitt Romney money machine calls in cavalry


Mitt Romney’s money machine is sending a message to the Washington establishment: Help.

operatives thought it would cost Romney about $50 million to secure the
nomination, but coming off a bruising few months and with a slog still
ahead, some say it could cost closer to $75 million.

Romney has put out a rallying cry to his supporters in Congress, asking them to kick in cash
and get their best donors on board, too. He asked the 80 Republican
lawmakers who have endorsed him to raise $10,000 each for a fundraiser
at the end of the month in Washington. By law, they can personally
contribute $2,000 from their reelection committees; the rest would need
to come from their supporters.

The call for cash from new donors — including members of Congress and
their friends, no less — suggests the campaign is trying to broaden its
fundraising network and stave off donor fatigue. The end of the primary
is just the beginning of a faceoff with President Barack Obama’s
well-funded operation.

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