New law banning texting while driving starts Dec. 1


If you have any business to handle while you’re stuck in
traffic, you might want to wait until you get to the office or when you get
home. House Bill 1094, a new law banning the use of a cell phone while driving, goes into effect Dec. 1.

The law, which was passed and signed by Gov. Bill Ritter in June, specifically
states that drivers 18 years and older “shall not use a wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle while the vehicle is in motion unless the person is communicating by means of a hands-free accessory.”

That includes talking, text messaging, checking email, surfing the web, or any
other action that would make use of a keyboard. The bill does allow the use of
a cell phone in cases of emergency like reporting a traffic accident or crime. The
bill also allows the use of Bluetooth or hands-free devices for drivers over 18, not including bus and cab drivers.

The fine is $50 for the first infraction and $100 for every infraction
thereafter. The state has yet to announce how many points would be deducted
from a driver’s license, if any.

Read House Bill 1094 here.

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