Overnight temp doesn’t quite break record

Chelsea Long | Boulder Weekly

Boulder’s -17 F low last night didn’t break any records, but it was close, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder.

The previous record was -18 F, says Kyle Frebin, meteorologist with the NWS.

But Boulder did set a record for a record low maximum temperature yesterday, Feb. 1. The previous record set in 2007 was 2 degrees, and yesterday’s high was -1.

“We didn’t even get above 0 yesterday,” Frebin says.

The temperature will stay low tonight, hitting negative numbers again, but will begin to warm up as we get closer to the weekend.

“We’ll be getting into the mid-40s Friday and Saturday, which is normal for this time of year,” Frebin says.

The cold air will be back Sunday and Monday, though Frebin says he doubts it’ll be anything like the temperatures we’re seeing today. It’s likely the whole month of February will bring chills to Boulder.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if February ends up below normal as a month,” Frebin says. “We’ve seen here numerous times how it can slip pretty hard and fast.”