Powerbag keeps you powered up


We now live in an era where we carry an abundance
of portable electronic devices on us. Whether it’s a phone, a camera, an iPod,
tablet computer or some other device, we find the need to stay connected. But what if the battery of your iPad is at 10 percent or your smart
phone’s battery indicator is in the red and there are no available outlets to
power up?

The Powerbag is a backpack that may help solve
that problem. The bag comes with a 3,000 mAh or 6,000 mAh battery with
connections for any portable device. If you have an iPod Touch needing the
Apple cable connection, a smart phone with your basic mini or micro outlet or a
straight up USB outlet for a Bluetooth headset or other type of tablet
computer, you’re pretty much covered. You simply plug in the Powerbag for a
couple of hours to charge up the battery and hit the road. The 3,000 mAh
battery can fully charge an iPhone twice.

While the Powerbag advertises that it can fit up
to a 14” laptop, we were able to stick a 17” laptop in there without the end
protruding from the top. The space for the laptop, however, isn’t very secure.
Although it is padded, the laptop moves around in the bag when you’re in motion,
especially if you have a smaller ultra-thin computer. And there isn’t padding
on the sides or bottom of the space, so it’d be wise to keep your laptop in a
sleeve. On the other hand, the space for the tablet computer is a bit more
secure with a Velcro strap going over the top of the pocket.

The actual battery is in a protected pocket in the
front of the bag and really doesn’t take up that much space. It does add a
little bit of weight to the bag, though. It’s less than half a pound, but you
can still feel it. Nonetheless, the straps are pretty sturdy and easily
adjustable and will last quite awhile. So if you’re in the middle of the park
with no electric power in sight or need that extra boost while watching a movie
on your iPad on the plane (yes, the bags comply with TSA regulations), the
Powerbag may be right up your alley. Check them out at mypowerbag.com.

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