PureEnergy offers eco-friendly batteries


Boulder-based PureEnergy Solutions has supercharged the
environmentally-friendliness of rechargeable batteries.

Already better for the environment because rechargeable
batteries can be used a hundred times over in lieu of being disposed of to pile
up in landfills, the company’s batteries use their patented Rechargeable
Alkaline Manganese technology. These RAM batteries, they say, last longer than
traditional rechargeable and disposable batteries.

“Our batteries are the only ones based on an alkaline
chemistry,” says George Holmes, PureEnergy Solution’s senior vice president for
World Wide Sale and Marketing. “This chemistry contains no heavy metals, unlike
other rechargeable chemistries such as nickel-metal hydride, lead-acid, or
lithium-ion, and thus are better for the environment.”

Green business has long been at the forefront for PureEnergy
Solutions. Formerly WildCharge, Inc., the company changed its name following a
Joint Operating Agreement with Pure Energy Visions Corporation in October.

“As a Boulder-based company and a part of the local
community, we are very aware of the need to do our part to help take care of
our planet,” Holmes says. “Where each of us can do something to help, we

PureEnergy Solution’s flagship products are based off of
WildCharge technology, which allows users to charge devices – iPods, cell
phones, PDAs, etc. – wirelessly. Their WildCharge Pad can accommodate multiple
devices charging from a single AC adapter.

“In addition to the convenience this creates for the
consumer, there are standby energy savings that are realized when you move from
multiple AC adapters to only one,” Holmes says.

PureEnergy Solutions products are available at www.shop.pureenergy.com.

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