Letters: 11/8/18

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On Trump voters

Trump voters, I am starting to understand your viewpoints. I know most of you are well-meaning people and I respect many of your viewpoints and feel that even though there are disparities in your camp that you feel satisfied with your choice for president.

Firstly, one faction votes for traditional GOP principles like the economy and reduced regulations concerning business, Wall Street and the environment. They also favor allowing undocumented immigrants to work in their hotels, factories and on their farms as long as they can’t vote. The second group, the hard core right, would be perfectly happy to not deal with the complexities of providing basic needs and opportunities for all 350-plus million Americans. These white xenophobic-leaning people feel that destroying our government with our laws and constitutional protections is OK no matter how it is done as long as their own rights and wishes are protected.

Unfortunately, it is becoming acceptable to them that a fascist-leaning hopeful dictator who has no morals but gives deference to white Christian morals for their votes is OK even if they have to abandon those morals to put him in power. These, and other observations, make me understand that Trump didn’t inspire his staunch supporters. You folks were already inclined and you enlisted Trump to accomplish your objectives.

The problem is, your objectives and Trump’s real objectives don’t really coincide. Through his tax cuts to himself and the other 2 percent wealthy, his ongoing and ever increasing profits from his hotels and his nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, who will exonerate him from any wrong doing, Donald plans to leave the presidency a much richer man while his ax of destruction on the environment, health care, education, public safety and even our precious democracy will be buried in the minds of Americans for generations.

Tom Lopez/Longmont

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