Letters: 11/16/17

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Democrats need to step up

After reading the opinions of Paul Danish and George Newell in last week’s paper, I was reminded of two sayings: Keep your eye on the ball and follow the money. I think Paul Danish’s article (Re: “Russia, social media and Cold War 2.0,” Danish Plan, Nov. 8, 2017) made an excellent point and it begged the question: If we are in a social media misinformation Cold War with Russia, what side is Donald Trump on? Actions such as calling for Russia to hack his campaign opponent’s email and denying the evidence of Russian interference from the intelligence community can answer that question. If our president’s social media communications are providing aid and comfort to the other side or if at the very least he does not understand or value political virtues like civil discourse, the importance of the loyal opposition and the art of political negotiation, then it is imperative that we act to save our democracy. Everything else is a distraction, including Democratic infighting.

Bitter Bernie supporters calling the DNC corrupt are divisive and it plays into the hands of corporate power more than “Russian misdirection.” Serious mistakes were made, and the DNC is learning from them. Let’s remember that both Democratic candidates are worthy public servants whose policies were only separated by how much could be promised and realistically delivered (and maybe if you preferred, the policies “mansplained”). The actions of a Russian oligarchy are not a distraction away from corporate media and money harming the public good. They shed light on powerful white men abusing government and the information age to enrich their global corporations and consolidate power. Let’s try not to be manipulated by those with the most money and privilege and focus on empowering everyone to strengthen our democracy.

Barbara Bradley/Boulder

The muni boondoggle

I am so sorry that the muni vote continues the waste of precious time and money. So $17 million and five more years of this boondoggle continue. Great news for all those depending on a muni paycheck, bad news for actual carbon reduction.

I guess we just stay calm and carry on. I will continue to comment at city council and in the papers.

My suggestion is that everyone bypass the muni and get solar installed or get Windsource now and not wait for the muni to end. The muni will end when the true costs are finally tallied. The muni supporters have done nothing but criticize Xcel and ignore the muni deceits and failures. They are just blinded by propaganda and have led about half our neighbors down that same dark tunnel.

I am lucky to have a sunny roof, and I got solar installed by Solar City in 2011 for no money down and monthly payments that actually save me a buck or two. I suggest you shop around and find some company that will do the same if you, like me, don’t have the money for an outright purchase. What was great was that all the permitting and installation was done by them, and the panels and system are guaranteed for 20 years (until 2031 in my case). If you don’t have a sunny roof or live in an apartment, check out Xcel’s Windsource.

I live alone and I average 12 kWh per day over the year. That means I could cover all of my electricity with Windsource for $65.70 per year or $5.48 per month. Based on 2012 demographics for Boulder, the average family household in Boulder is about 2.3 individuals, so the average household might have to pay about $12.60 per month or $151.11 per year.  There are about 41,400 households in Boulder, so that would be about $6.26 million to have all of those households on 100 percent Windsource. But of course some of those households, like mine, already have solar and wouldn’t need to buy Windsource, and since Xcel is already a little over 20 percent renewables, you would only have to cover 80 percent of your electric use to be 100 percent renewables. 

So, for the cost of a good cup of coffee and a donut per person per month we could all be 100 percent renewable with just the current carbon tax that is already collected but is mostly going into the general fund rather than being used for carbon reduction.

The muni is either winning slowly, or more accurately losing slowly.  In either case, it is “exactly the same thing as losing.”

City Council, are you listening? For the rest of you, please forward this to the City Council (council@bouldercolorado.gov). Maybe it just takes a little repeating to sink in.

Patrick Murphy/Boulder