Letters: 5/30/19

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Running for Senate seat with the Unity Party

I am a candidate for the Unity Party’s 2020 nomination for U.S. Senator. I’m running on a platform of peace, justice, ecology and election reform, with a theme of “unity in diversity.”

The slogan “Unity in Diversity” has been used by religious and political groups to promote harmony and celebration of multiculturalism based on an understanding that our differences enrich human interactions. 

Nelson Mandela, the president of post-apartheid South Africa said: “Bridge the chasm, use tolerance and compassion, be inclusive, not exclusive, build dignity and pride, encourage freedom of expression, to create a civil society for unity and peace.” 

Rather than pursuing endless warfare, we should set a goal to eliminate world hunger and secure worldwide access to safe drinking water. 

I advocate an end to U.S. foreign military intervention, the right to self-determination for all people, statehood for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, a single-payer national health care system, and true cost pricing to include environmental impacts in the prices of new goods and services.

Government should be redesigned to be more inclusive. Everyone should have the right to fair representation. I propose to abolish the U.S. Senate, eliminate the Electoral College, strictly limit the power of the president, and decentralize authority in the hands of a Congress elected by an open party list system of proportional representation. I propose that each generation should hold its own constitutional convention at least once every 20 years.

Gary Swing/Unity Party Candidate for U.S. Senate from Colorado

It’s not about bikinis

Thank you for all the information you bring to your weekly column. 

However, I object to your “honest” opinion that the Beautiful Bolder Boulder is reduced to an “aggressive way to show off that you’ve maintained your bikini body throughout the entirety of the polar vortex.” (Re: “Advocate for veteran access to cannabis this Memorial Day,” Weed between the Lines, May 23, 2019).

I have watched while I ring my cowbell every year for the last decade and it is “honestly” a joyous celebration of togetherness, courage and spirit.  

The flow of participants includes the fit, the feeble, the young, the old, the babies in backpacks, the walkers, the lame, the costumed, the runners, and those in wheelchairs.  

This is Colorado. We don’t even know what a bikini is.  


U.S. intervention has
worked before

In May 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied forces including the U.S., Great Britain and France.   

Many of us are too young or have forgotten what was happening to many of our fellow human beings at that time. The Nazi soldiers from Germany were killing Jews outright whenever they found them as they invaded a country, including even those individuals who were part Jewish. The Nazi plan for Poland and the Baltic states such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was to take all the land and give it to the Germans. This was in Hitler’s plan called Lebensraum

Many Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian individuals,  who Hitler considered as untermenchen, or lower status human beings, were also to be killed with only a certain number left to be servants for the new German rulers, who were, according to Hitler, superior humans. Also, the servants were only allowed to be educated up to the sixth grade since they would only need that much education to serve their new German masters. 

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor generated a U.S. declaration of war on Japan. Japan’s axis partners, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, then declared war on the Americans and their allies, which ultimately resulted in their defeat. Were it not for the intervention of especially the U.S. armed forces, it is highly possible that many peoples of Europe and Asia would even today be enslaved and even exterminated. Bless the existence of the United States of America.

Stewart Brekke/via internet