Letters: 7/18/19

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Fight the power

     When the Democrats won the Colorado house and senate and governor’s office in 2018, Joel Dyer wrote an article comparing the Democrats to The Producers in the Broadway play, making the point that the Democrats were corporate shills who now that they had power had to be afraid of being exposed as green-washing hypocrites. What actually happened was that the Democrats moved the ball forward against the oil and gas industry providing legislation and legal tools to help the environment with SB 181. Why not publish the narrative that Democrats are trying to help average people and the environment through a flawed system, against the money/odds fighting a very powerful corporate industry? There is no doubt that there’s a lot more fighting to be done and Democrats are now facing Republican backlash, lawsuits, recall campaigns and the argument that elected officials overreached because a similar move was defeated by referendum.  The quote by the governor could be interpreted that he hopes that those fueling the backlash will ease up, not that there’s nothing else to do and “mission accomplished,” which are completely your words and graphic.    

     Please encourage and support moving in the right direction and continuing to push to reach the goal, rather that beating up on and weakening the Dems as they are working against the forces that are pushing the petal to the metal in the direction of destroying our future. Why not give some ink to how we can support the Democrats to do even better, build momentum while celebrating every step forward?  

      Barbara Bradley/Boulder