Letters: 8/31/17

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Editor’s note: In our Aug. 17 issue, we ran a letter titled “Defending BW’s Russia work.” That letter was never intended for publication and we sincerely apologize for any problems we may have caused by its inclusion in the newspaper. Sorry to all involved. That letter has been removed from our archive. 

Walk for peace

I read with interest the many comments in response to “National dialogue on Charlottesville and where we go from here” [Re: News, Aug. 24, 2017] after the Charlottesville racist and anti-Semitic demonstration. One of the suggestions was to “foster love and compassion” as individuals.

On Sept. 17, a Sunday, the Lemon Tree Group is sponsoring its fourth annual September Walk for Unity. All in the community are invited to walk with us. Last year about 300 children and adults participated.

For further information, visit our website, lemontreepeacewalk.com

The walk begins at 4:30 p.m. at Congregation Har HaShem, located at 3950 Baseline Road, at the rear annex. Parking is available. We will be greeted by several religious leaders whose congregations are sponsors of the walk. We will continue to the nearby Atonement Lutheran Church at 4:50 p.m. and then proceed to the Islamic Center of Boulder at approximately 5:20 p.m. at 5495 Baseline. The walk concludes at the Second Baptist Church at 5300 Baseline at 6 p.m. with music and singing. Refreshments will be available en route. Vans will return participants to Har HaShem at the conclusion.

Please join us for any part of the walk. This is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that Boulder is a community of understanding, awareness and acceptance of one another. Last year I walked with my four adult children and several grandchildren. To quote one of them, “It was awesome”

Joan Graff/Planning Committee Lemon Tree Peace Walk

The ‘Weekly’ surprises

I recently moved back to Boulder after being away for many years. I confess I wasn’t a regular reader of Boulder Weekly when I did live here, and now that I’m older (50) I didn’t think there was much to the Weekly which would pique my interest, certainly not after leafing through and seeing the proliferation of pot ads, etc. … But your reporting on Trump, Putin and Russia, has been eye-opening. Wonderful, in-depth coverage, extremely comprehensive, and knowledgeable. As an avid reader of mostly New York publications, I thought I was informed, but your reporting shows my educational gaps. I appreciate the coverage, and will now be a regular reader of the Weekly, and specifically, of Joel Dyer’s pieces.

Margot Dulaney Stark/Boulder

Your cover is offensive

(Letter printed as it was received)

So, I guess for you left wing fucking nut jobs it’s ok to go and put a SAWSTIKA on the Statue Of Liberty [Re: Cover, Aug. 17]. Now, had a republican paper have done that, all you pussies would have been crying in your teddy bear rooms coping with “our” racial attacks. Did you know Hillary Clinton clearly stated her mentor was a known KKK senator? Did you know Hillary and Bill Clinton have both had legal suits against them in the state of Arkansas for racial discrimination? You democrats are so hypocritical it’s ridiculous.

This goes beyond the 1st amendment, that’s freedom of speech with which I’m sure you commie bastards are against. You defaced a National Monument. In the name of what? So you can cry and bitch for two pages because you’ve never had a real job besides hiding behind a computer. Go work in the oilfield, like I do! I make money and provide to our society just like I would have done if Hillary Clinton would have won. I would have contributed to society not fight society. I’m sure in those videos of the Charlottesville rally you saw the blacks, yes they are called blacks, with weapons?

I saw them! Against protestors with a city approved permit to demonstrate against idiots like you and your paper. If you don’t respond I’ll assume it’s because your a pussy like most dems or liberals who won’t actually acknowledge facts. But if you should respond I expect nothing but the same tone in which I have written you. Your scum, your a disgrace as a American Citizen and if you don’t like America move to Russia or Venezuela where your leftist ideology has failed time and time again.

Yours Truly,

A Oilfied Working

Fracking, Drilling

GOD fearing and loving American

Republican Constitutionalist

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