Letters: 12/29/16

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Supply-side administration

I am still marveling that Donald Trump’s followers see him as a working-class hero. His corporate CEO/billionaire-dominated Cabinet stands in stark contrast to the socially aware Cabinet and legislation assembled and pursued during the Obama Administration.

It is obvious that Trump’s selections know how to amass personal fortunes, but how does that translate to running a government “of the People, for the People, and by the People?”

Judging how much corporate profit is hidden overseas, it is indisputable the corporations know well how to generate wealth, but how that wealth is distributed benefits only a small percentage of the population. Corporate fortunes are built on reducing manufacturing costs, overseas labor, automation, reduced benefits, market manipulation, monopolization and advertising. 

This supply-side economic theory has created a populace dependent upon cheap TVs, clothing and technology that do not reflect the cost were they made by an American labor force. And the service sector cannot make up the differential in either earning power or number of jobs.  Solving this 21st century conundrum seems beyond the mindset of corporate America.

Robert Porath/Boulder

Gun time

The American people have spoken. Which means the Second Amendment shall be rewritten to make gun ownership mandatory. Let little Johnny enter first grade packing a sidearm. What better way to deter bullies? And forget Roe v. Wade. Unwanted pregnancies? Not OUR problem. If the dumb sluts get themselves knocked up, let them seek out the back-alley abortions of yesteryear. Serves them right! And Obama’s Affordable Care Act? Who gives a rip? Let the poor and sick drop dead in the streets. Of course such sweeping changes demand energy. Lots of it. Which means oil. OIL! Every drop we can suck from the teat of Mother Earth. And when all that is said and done, we’ll have Paradise.

A True American Citizen,

Randy Klutts/Via the internet

P.S. In case you didn’t get it, I don’t believe in any of the above.

Stop burning coal

I am a student at the University of Colorado concerned about the future of the environment in our community.  Electric generation that spews millions of tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere is already showing extreme impacts. We must pursue decarbonization now. We can’t wait until all the coal in the earth is burned up. Our current electricity provider, Xcel, is committed to burning coal for years to come with no regard for how it will affect our future. As a young person, I will be one of the many who must deal with the consequences of our actions today.

I believe the best way to reach our decarbonization goals is through municipalization. As a member of this community concerned about our environment and the future of my generation, I believe a locally run utility is the most effective path toward rapid decarbonization. Thus, I urge our City Council to push forward toward the formation of a municipal utility.

Victor Lemus/Lafayette

Yeah for ICUMI

I very much appreciate Boulder Weekly and I am pleased that it is free. I always like icumi and I particularly liked the article about BP relocating to Denver [Re: icumi, Dec. 15]. It was cogent, vituperitive and full of clean, hard-hitting, righteous anger. Thank you!

P. K. Youngson/via internet

Trump’s 100-day plan

This plan would put America 100 days further behind where we need to be to address climate change and 100 days closer to the planetary tipping point.

Trump seems determined to reverse American progress with his promises to federally champion coal and other fossil fuels despite the scientific evidence this would be a disaster.

His refusal of overwhelming scientific consensus aside, Trump is blocking job growth in the clean energy sector for all Americans who deserve jobs that do not threaten their health and safety.

These campaign promises from Trump have nothing to do with the American people, but they have everything to do with the wallets of his billionaire business buddies who are now tripping over themselves for a spot in the Trump cabinet.

Cassady Craighill, Greenpeace

  • ernie_oertle

    `Stop Burning Coal’ ………….. As proof of the superior compassion leftwingers have for the poor poor poor, their desire is to drive energy-costs for the poor higher & higher. It has to do w/ the left far more preferring to make the poor poorer … so long as they can effect a lessening of the wealth of a few hated rich.