Letters 2/21/19

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Wikimedia Commons

The Green New Deal: It’s about time

As a father, nothing makes me sadder or fills me with more dread than the dismal future of this world that my child will inherit and be living in long after I’m gone. The Green New Deal is a bold plan that aims to tackle the existential crisis of climate change and reverse extreme socioeconomic disparity that currently exists. It’s refreshing to see that some politicians are actually looking at the long-term health of our planet and society instead of their short-term re-election needs. My respect goes to these brave trailblazers as they give me hope for my son’s future.

To those who say it’s only a dream or it’s impossible, I ask you, “What’s the alternative?” It’s a problem that threatens our very existence and it can only be solved through action that is equal in magnitude to the enormity of the problem.

Any politician who cares about the future of their children and the future the communities they have sworn to serve, needs to support the vision outline in this document and needs to put action behind their words. The window of opportunity to save the future is closing fast.

Eric Brown/Louisville