Letters: 2/23/17

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Moore on target

Kudos to Rico Moore for his investigation of the real reasons Colorado Parks and Wildlife is hell-bent on killing mountain lions and bears [Re: News “Off target,” Feb. 9]. CPW’s credibility with the public continues to crater as they frame “wildlife management” with bad science and pandering to special interests.

Anita Moss/Boulder

Off target/fracking

Thanks for this revealing article, which exposed new facets of how the oil and gas industry continues to operate in an unethical fashion, for no other reason than to maximize profit [Re: News, “Off target,” Feb. 9].

Now the Colorado attorney general threatens a lawsuit against Boulder County, even after completely disregarding the citizen’s wishes to stop drilling within the city limits of Lafayette and other places. Read this closely… there are many activities restricted and not allowed within city limits, for the singular reason of public safety. Given that we have already allowed drilling on state and federal lands and we have vast federal reserves, there is no need to threaten public safety by allowing a dangerous situation in our municipalities. If nothing else, I will do my own research as to whether drilling is going on in my neighborhood and if there is any effect on my land such as newly formed cracks on my property (as I am seeing), then I have no other recourse but to sue the state, the city and the oil or gas company responsible for ruining my property and/or tainting any city water source.

We could effectively keep our cities safe from the effects of drilling, if those that call themselves “conservatives” actually get on board with being a conservative. As of now, they are blind energy liberals.

Michael Ortiz/Lafayette


In this case, that’s Despicable Debacle of Deconstruction. I’ll offer no points to the new president for transparency, but what you see (or saw) is what you get (got). The overarching question, then, is what will remain in January 2021. I assume this Congress will do nothing to remove this chief executive, no matter what he does (or will not do), or says. Those fools on the Hill are having too much fun getting even with all those pinko liberal rules, people and regulations. Capitol Hill is very much like a world-class meth lab. Anything goes, because the pit bull outside has got their backs. And a friendly Supreme Court nomination. Funny how the Constitution seems to mean something, once it’s in the hands of a “friendly” mechanic.

Not craftsman. This president has no regard for our country’s goals, welfare or institutions. Courtesy? Inconvenient. Fairness? Useless. Alliances? Burdensome, if not perfidious. In short, the only thing that seems to count for anything is his ratings — with himself and an electoral minority. We see disrespect for the judiciary, plus threats against the media, the “loyal opposition,” state and local governments, and especially foreign nations who haven’t yet caught Caesar’s “bowing disease” (W. Shakespeare).

How to tiptoe around an immature schoolyard bully who’s armed to the teeth? Are we to find ourselves soon fearing the nighttime knock on the door? What about federalism? If instead of nationalizing a state’s national guard he sends regular troops into Chicago, for example, would he even be advised regarding the 19th-century “posse comitatus” law? Could he spell it? Would he listen? Care?

We need to care. This administration, if left alone, is likely to drive our economy, our republican (small R!) traditions, and our reputation into the sewer. Small comfort it would be if once we arrived we would find it necessary to take comfort from our jailers. You’ll know them by their red baseball caps.

And they won’t be any better off than the rest of us.

Gregory Iwan/Longmont

Thirty days is enough to judge this president

Thirty days into the new administration, we can now characterize the president we’ll have for the next four years: Shallow, manipulable, untrustworthy, secretive, unethical, vain, careless, bullying, divisive. And these all are brought together under the umbrella quality: inept.

Trump’s message about the need to strengthen the middle class economic core of our country was right on, which is why he was elected, and if he were able to get over himself there is the possibility that this could be achieved. However, he spends more energy in self-promotion, in distorting reality, in vilifying criticism, and in fomenting adversarial relationships than he does in developing a healthy, productive, focused leadership. He demonstrates neither knowledge of nor interest in the truth on anything that affects his brand. He abrogates policy responsibility to narrow-minded, single-issue supporters with neither responsibility to the general public nor interest in how their ideas fit in the big picture of our free society.

He makes poorly considered decisions based on the potential for headlines and adulation. He regularly demonstrates his disdain for civility. He wants to change America from an established three-branched government with time-proven checks and balances to an imperial autocratic form that has been shown time and time again to be anathema to freedom of expression and personal liberty.

The bottom line is that America will not be great with Trump at the top. To borrow a phrase from a generation to which he may be able to relate, Trump doesn’t have the right stuff. It’s important that those of us who feel that America embodies the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution encourage our fellow citizens and our elected public servants to uphold that foundation, in clear rejection of everything Trump, relegating him to the sideshow that he is.

Paul Atcheson/Longmont

Speak up to protect our democracy

Since apathy can lead to the end of our democracy, the logical thing to do is take action [Re: Letters, “Apathy will cost us our democracy,” Feb. 9]. When we write, call or speak to our legislators we can influence our government. That is why the House recently passed the READ Act, on a voice vote, which basically means no opposition from either party. When this bill becomes law, it will help more children in our world receive an education.

When children are educated, earnings rise, birth rates drop and conflict decreases. So be the opposite of apathetic and ask your elected officials to pass legislation that makes a difference for millions in America and our world!

Willie Dickerson/Snohomish, WA

A voice for peace

Humanity wants peace, but peace seems a far-off goal. According to the International Peace Bureau, “The world’s governments are spending more than $1.7 trillion a year on their militaries, more than at the peak of Cold War.” $100 billion of this is going toward the production and modernization of nuclear weapons, weapons which would destroy the planet, humanity and all living beings if used in an all-out war.

The United States spends as much on our military as the next 10 countries combined. The figures for what we spend annually range from $773.5 billion to over a trillion dollars, depending on what is counted. China spends about a quarter of what we spend, Russia one-tenth.

How do we get to peace when we spend more than 54 percent of our tax dollars on war and the preparations for war? How do we protect our environment, address climate change, fix our roads and bridges, fund our schools and health care, and take care of the elderly when the majority of our tax dollars are spent on the military?

We appear to need some help. Maybe a voice from another continent would give us some ideas on how to address our present dilemma.

Reiner Braun has been a German peace activist since 1982 and is the co-president of the International Peace Bureau based in Berlin, Germany. He’s has also been the executive director of several peace organizations in his career. He will be speaking on the relations between U.S., NATO and Russia, a topic that has been highlighted in the national news lately. Braun will speak on Friday, March 3 at 7 p.m. at the Eaton Humanities Building, Room 250 at CU Boulder. The event is free and sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. For more info: Carolyn@rmpjc.org.

Carolyn Bninski/Boulder

Christian faith leaders press Colorado delegation

As Christians and as leaders of churches in Colorado, we grieve the action of President Trump to temporarily halt refugee resettlement programs for 120 days, to restrict the legal travel of green card holders, and to ban Syrian refugees indefinitely.

We cannot support an immigration policy based on the exclusion of persons from Muslim majority nations. While we acknowledge the need for national security, we do not support fear and anxiety as a foundation for immigration policy.

We are compelled by Christ to offer hospitality to the stranger, food to the hungry, shelter to the refugee, and compassion to all displaced individuals.

For years, many of our congregations have worked with compassion and energy to resettle asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Colorado. We want to continue increasing these ministries. The current ban will have the opposite effect, drastically impacting the important work of our local resettlement agencies.

Therefore, with one voice, we request that President Trump rescind the Executive Order signed on Friday, January 27, 2017 titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” We ask that each member of Colorado’s Congressional delegation publicly call on President Trump to rescind this Executive Order as quickly as possible.

Let us work together to create communities of respect and relief for the world’s 65 million displaced persons — including over 21 million refugees — who have experienced the war, hatred and loss of family, community and vocation. Let us welcome them in the spirit of our Lord Jesus who came so that all may have life — and have it abundantly.

This letter was signed by nearly two dozen church leaders and church organizations

  • ernie_oertle

    It is ironic that the same crowd who was outraged when Reagan called theSovietUnion an evil empire, is now freaking-out w/ Russia-hate. What a bizarre world where
    theRussians(remember? – the pro-totalitarian Sovietists) expose American media as tools of an elitist(capitalist-centric) political party – ain’t talkin’ about theRepubs, & then get hated for it! Why – it wasn’t long ago at all when the AmerLeft LOVED theSoviets/Russians for their executive `efficiency’ & their indifference to Separation-of-Powers.

    Is cutedumb of leftists to call DJT the `minority-prez’ because he purportedly didn’t win some popular-vote. Dumber than several million leftist idiocratists claiming 3+million non-citizens were okay to cast ballots.

    Dumb as leftwingers heavily invested in the brain-cell malarkey of being “Citizens-of-the-World” who freak the frack-out about America returning to a seriousness of national-defense – of reversing obummunist bad-intent & committing to a build-up of armed reach.