Letters: 3/10/16

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Superdelegate Polis
Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton by a 2:1 margin in Colorado’s Second Congressional District on Super Tuesday. Jared Polis, who lives right in the middle of Boulder, Colorado, is endorsing Hillary Clinton and is a superdelegate to the DNC in July.

How can Clinton supporter Jared Polis argue that he represents the views of the people of Colorado CD2? Tell me if you can.
Harry Hempy/Jamestown

Response to climate plan story
Although a picture can say a thousand words, the chart in Avery McGaha’s recent article [Re: “Bill Aims to Strengthen Colorado’s Climate Plan,” Eco-brief, Mar. 3] also tells a succinct story — Colorado’s goal-free climate plan is inadequate. Even as projected greenhouse gas emissions from electric power generation decline slightly, emissions from transportation, oil and gas processing, and other uses rise. Total emissions continue increasing through 2030. If this picture could speak, it might say, “Colorado is trying to reduce emissions, but not very hard, and success isn’t all that important.”

Yet the growing risks of climate change — to Colorado, to the nation, to the world — demand that we try as hard as we can. They demand that we plan for success. Enacting House Bill 16-1004 would be a good first step.

Under that bill, which has passed the House and is waiting for a Senate vote, Colorado could set emissions-reductions goals commensurate with the crucial task before us. Then these goals could drive the implementation of policies, such as carbon pricing, that cut emissions across all economic sectors rather than allowing progress in some areas to be undone by backsliding in others. That picture would say, “Colorado takes climate change seriously, and we are genuinely committed to deep, quantifiable greenhouse gas reductions.”
Jarett Zuboy/Golden

Trump causes implosion of Republican Party
After eight years of demagoguery, obstructionism and racism the Republican Party is imploding.

With the emergence of Donald Trump, the Republicans have become suicidal and have turned on each other attacking itself like an angry cornered rattlesnake biting itself. Trump is the Frankenstein monster creation of the selfish and polarized nature of the Republican Party.

Ever since the New Deal, Republicans have been doing everything in their power to destroy the poor and middle class and eviscerate unions and social programs turning the U.S.A into a plutocracy. With the death of Scalia and emergence of Trump it is a new and better day for the people, liberals and Democrats as well as hope for the poor and middle class. This is Democratic Party schadenfreude, and it does not get much better than this.
Andrew J. O’Connor/Lafayette

Election 2016
My analysis of Super Tuesday: Amerika Uber Alles! Corporate whore vs. the reincarnation of Hitler. Sure makes me want to participate in the totally corrupted process. Wall Street won. Nothing else matters. Guess I’ll smoke my herb and listen to ’60s psychedelic rock. I shot my wad and I lost.
Might move to Canada if Trump wins. Einstein didn’t wait to see what Hitler would do. Hillary is the Hindenburg of Amerika. Both the general and the zeppelin. Up in flames.
Jim Wilkinson/Boulder

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