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Danish off on Tea Party

(Re: “The Democrats don’t get the Tea Party,” Danish Plan, April 8.) Paul Danish’s take on the Tea Party opens with a straw man: Anyone who has counted faces in more than one Tea Party picture knows that the majority are women, though they aren’t the majority of women. The fact is they are fighting against their own best interests to the duping march beat provided by the Megacorporate Oligarchy.

The pre-vetting of all laws to prove they are authorized by the Constitution is a distracting tactic: such a law would itself be unconstitutional, with the powers of judging the constitutionality of laws being imbued by the Constitution upon the judicial branch of government, not the legislative.

Rejecting climate change legislation enacted under a president who is proposing to restart offshore drilling shows the complete mind-numbness of the “Tea Party” activist movement: the entire ecosystem has already begun to collapse beyond the point of no return, and only the mega-rich can realize any rational benefit for their family’s futures in allowing this unremitted downhill slide to proceed full-tilt.

The budget was last balanced by Clinton, back in the days before the ultra-rich concentrated wealth into their own hands even more egregiously than before, then removed most taxes on that wealth, greatly reducing the available tax base.

The result is that government is effectively stripped to the bone already, and basic government infrastructure is the only place left to reduce expenditure. Meanwhile, the banks and health care industry get bailouts.

Don’t buy that the “reform” was anything other than a cleverly disguised way of moving yet more money from havenots to have-a-lots! The budget now would be balanced firmly on the backs of the disappearing middle class, unless the wealthy allowed the portion they’ve removed from taxable assets in the last 15 years to be taxed fairly again.

They don’t mind redistribution of the wealth from the hands of the many to the few, but the opposite direction rankles them to no end!

Vennie Thompson/Denver

In reference to Paul Danish’s April 8 column: First, “teabagger” is not gay slang; as long as there’s a man involved, it can be used. It may or may not have originated in gay circles, but most usages of the term now are among straight people, e.g. in online gaming. Second, Tea Partiers themselves used the term first (“Teabag the Democrats before they teabag you”), due to a particular campaign involving tea bags, combined with a lack of knowledge of
slang. Many conservatives in the Tea Party movement have also used the
term “teabaggers” as a self-description. If the Tea Party folks didn’t
want to be called “teabaggers,” perhaps they should have made use of the
Internet before they started using the term so blithely.

Seriously, I don’t watch
porn or play war games, and I had heard of it. This lack of paying
attention to the sequence of events if it doesn’t fit his preconceived
point seems to be characteristic of Mr. Danish’s column.

Come on, you guys just
print it because it generates mail, don’t you?


Regarding “Democrats don’t get the Tea Party,” I’m an
independent, and I have to say that you have certainly given me a great
deal of food for thought. I appreciate your deft and subtle approach,
exposing the little-known fact that women are equally capable of being
idiots. Kudos to you for your bravery!

Don’t worry. Nobody could possibly construe
your article as sexist. Not unless you start using women as human
shields or pawns in the political shill game. Oh wait … !

Jon Baron/Boulder

Hats off to Paul again
for a clear, concise and fair assessment of the tea parties — good
insight and a heads up for everyone.

Joel Ripmaster/via Internet

It’s about compassion

(Re: “Your tax
dollars at work,” ICUMI, April 8.) When humanity can simultaneously hold
compassion for both the killed and the killers, soldiers will be able
to hold compassion in their hearts while pulling the trigger.

Lori Buss/Fort

play race card

There is an element
in the mainstream media that is trying to take away our constitutional
rights to free speech! It is still a free country, and we still
have a right to protest the corrupted, strongarmed and “terrifying
process” — quoted by writer and commentator Ben Stein — that this
administration used to pass the health care bill. This bill will require
an additional 16,000 IRS agents to enforce it! Many businesses will
suffer because of the additional regulations and high costs. It is
forcing many of the states to sue the government because they are
already pressured more than they can handle, and this will force them
into insolvency. This is not about health care, but all about power and

When the
media quotes comments by people like Heidi Beirich claiming that those
opposed to the government taking over our banks, auto industry, student
loans and health care is because they are against an “African-American
in the White House” is very offensive and trying to intimidate
people! It is beneath the media to publish such statements.


Obama is a Marxist

“These are the times
that try men’s souls.” –Thomas Paine There can now be no doubt that
Obama is a totally committed Marxist working to convert the United
States to a Communist Marxist nation. From his upbringing to his
associations to his training to his associates to his appointments, they
are all now exposed and of record, for us all to judge. All have had
one common thread — deep Marxist, Communist radicalism. Even his pastor
for 20 years spewed the party line, modified for black radicalism. His
assurances and speeches are textbook Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals ear
candy without truth.

There can also be no
doubt now that the Democrat party is right in there with him. It is
common knowledge that the workings of the health takeover alone will
bankrupt the states and the country, and will take our citizens into
penury and slavery, and make the federal government the enemy and master
of every one of us. The Constitution has been disdained and discarded,
for that is a must for a Marxist State that Obama, his administration
and the Democratic party are building. The evidence and record is now
clear as day for anyone willing to look at it. Our freedom and liberty
is now forfeit if we do not rise up and do what is necessary to save
them, and do it now. From this time forward each of us will be part of
the solution, or part of the problem. There is no longer any middle ground.
Reagan called it “the evil empire.” It is now upon us.

“If ever a time should come
when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in
government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots
to prevent its ruin.” –Sam Adams

David Cook/Loveland

Go to hell

Freedom-loving Americans
will not stand down against socialist health care legislation … our
fight escalates against a corrupt, unconscionable federal government.

The political
apparatus in America has become an incestuous, power-hungry, greedy,
corrupt, tyrannical entity that threatens the liberty, freedom and very
existence of our nation as our Founding Fathers envisioned.

“We the people” are being
pushed to the breaking point by a Congress that violates the U.S.
Constitution and cites, “we make the rules as we go along.” Americans
can only be bent over backwards so far until we break, which is
dangerously close. The breaking point that despicable politicians,
betrayers of the U.S. Constitution, haters of our Republic, are pushing
for, is our “surrender.”

I say “go to hell” to the political whores who sell their souls
for a few pieces of silver. … We will not surrender!

There are at least 36
states that are already in various phases of legislation rejecting the
Congressional socialist health care mandates, and more than 12 state
adjutant generals and numerous public movements that are preparing legal
action against the United States, citing the health care legislation as

fight will not end until we restore constitutional government and rid
ourselves of the vermin that are destroying liberty and freedom in
America. God help us reverse the destruction of our beloved America.

Riley/Crestview, Fla.

Keep jobs in U.S.

President Obama is promoting a new $300 billion
economic stimulus program. When he took office in January 2009, he said
the $787 billion stimulus program will create 3.5 million jobs by
the end of 2010, and unemployment will remain below 8 percent.

Unemployment is hovering
around 10 percent, and the jobs promised by Obama might hit 1.5 million
by the end of 2010, but during the last 13 months we lost 5 million

The stimulus
saved the jobs of municipal workers and provided additional unemployment
benefits, but it has not provided jobs in the private sector. The money
went to government agencies, colleges, nonprofit organizations and
entitlement programs. These programs will generate annual deficits of $1
trillion to $1.5 trillion for years to come. Our government has
squandered our financial resources on failed economic programs, and the
American work force continues to suffer.

The domestic priority should be creating
millions of new jobs, and other domestic initiatives, including health
care reform, should wait until the economy improves.

The administration and
Congress have to reduce the size of government, cut business taxes and
give U.S. companies incentives to operate in this country and
disincentives to move operations and jobs overseas.

Moskowitz/Londonderry, N.H.

See how it feels?

To “conservatives” and their puppets who are
unhappy with passage of health-care reform, now you have some idea how
many of the rest of us ordinary folk felt when the GOP only a few years
ago blindly rubber-stamped a misrepresented (and very expensive)

war in Iraq, and also not
one but two huge tax cuts favoring the very rich.

Walk a light-year in our


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