Letters: 3/10/16


Letters: June 18, 2020



Letters: 5/24/18

Keep Dougherty as DA Boulder County has been my home for my entire life. I am an attorney who is honored to serve the public...

Letters: 5/5/16

Open Letter to Boulder City Council, Boulder County Commissioners and Arvada City Council Dear Elected Officials: Please do not allow the Plutonium Superhighway (aka Rocky Mountain...

Letters: 1/10/19

In defense of Michaela Muijica-Steiner There are many things I would rather do with my time than respond to the self-congratulatory words of an old...

Letters: 6/8/17

Financial info discloses fracking risks The oil and gas industry lies to people living near their operations — people forced by state law into risking...

Letters: July 9, 2020

On the fracking moratorium Our elected officers have an inherent duty to protect our quality of life. Water is life. On Tuesday, July 14 at...

Letter 12/9/2021

Shame on us Thanks, always, for a great read. Here is my beef: On page five of the November 4 issue there is a "Guest Opinion"...

Letters 10/15: On voting and endorsements

Current Commissioners on 2020 candidates Serving the people of Boulder County for the last eight years has been the honor of a lifetime for both...

Letters: 11/7/19

Austin deserved better Regarding John Lendorff’s article, “The final stage” about Jeff Austin (Re: Buzz, Oct. 31, 2019), if the goal was to bring together...

Letters: 10/17/19

Regarding BW’s endorsement of Bagley for Longmont mayor Well. It definitely shows y’all drink heavily for endorsement conversations. Schuyler Trowbridge, candidate for Longmont mayor Influxus obnoxious As one...

Letters: 10/19/17

Please vote no on City of Boulder Ballot Question 2Q! Ballot Question 2Q creates huge uncertainty for the local initiative process. It will destroy this...

Letters: 8/1/19

U.S. military can refuse Trump’s orders to war  On August 22, Donald Trump, the president of the United States and commander in chief of the...

Letters 4/30/20

‘Safer at home’ move-in order Governor Polis has decisions to make with this pandemic. I think he has made the wrong one recently. In opening...