The meek reality behind Trump’s pose as a Bull Moose Populist

Courtesy of Jim Hightower

It’s been pointed out that Donnie Trump has unusually small hands… but who cares?

What’s truly alarming are his unusually small policy ideas. Draining the swamp, for example. He bragged that he’d be stronger than Drano, promising he’d rid Washington of its infestation with lobbyists, corporate favor-seekers and other swamp critters. But he betrayed that populist pledge from the very start, staffing his entire presidency with CEOs, lobbyists and Republican megadonors, who’re gleefully rigging the system for themselves against the rest of us.

Also, remember how candidate Trump blistered the behinds of Wall Street’s billionaire hedge-fund hucksters for getting rich by destroying middle-class jobs? He promised that — by gollies — he would take away their loophole that lets them escape paying taxes they owe. But as president, he wimped out, handing a trillion-dollar tax cut to the billionaires and their corporations, including meekly leaving the pampered hedge funders’ loophole entirely untouched.

And where’s that “Make America Great” guy who claimed that only he had the vision and chutzpah to rebuild America, pledging to launch a trillion-dollar investment in our national infrastructure? His chutzpah petered out, and his vision shriveled to a hokey scheme of smoke and mirrors, basically asking states and corporations to come up with the money and calling on them to privatize our public infrastructure. Where’s the greatness in that?

This is Jim Hightower saying… Poor Donnie wants to be thought of as modern-day Teddy Roosevelt. So he constantly poses as a populist, bigger-than-life Bull Moose character who’s got the right stuff to bust the profiteering trusts in order to stop their ripoffs and their schemes to knock down the middle class. Sadly, a pose is all it is, for he’s just a run-of-the-mill plutocratic president, who speaks loudly but carries nothing bigger than a limp twig when it comes to dealing with the corporate powers.

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