Best of Boulder 2013: Growing, Smoking and Pipes

Nick Panico of Mile High Pipes and Tobacco
Photo by Susan France

Hydroponic Store

6395 Gunpark Drive, 303-473-4769

Second Place: Boulder Hydroponic
Third Place: One Love Garden Supply
Fourth Place: Candy Shop Hydroponics
Fifth Place: Family Hydroponics

matter how green a thumb, it’s impossible to grow tomatoes in December —
outside. For thriving thumbs that refuse to go dormant in the winter, Way to Grow can
help set up the perfect, organic, indoor grow room. Even if you know
nothing about gardening, Way to Grow can get you started on converting
an unfinished basement into a thriving greenhouse or bring an overgrown,
forgotten garden back to life. Anyone can be a gardener with the right
tools, and filling that toolbox starts with the supplies at Boulder’s
best hydroponic store.

Pipe Shop

1144 Pearl St., 303-443-7473

Second Place: The Fitter
Third Place: Freaky’s Gift Tattoo & Body Piercing Tobacco Head Shop
Fourth Place: Smoker Friendly
Fifth Place: Helping Hands

Forget what you were looking for? Maybe it was something shiny and glass, and Mile High Pipes and Tobacco will
help you figure it out. Maybe it’s just a tobacco pipe, maybe it’s a
Roor “water pipe” with an ice catcher — no matter what, you can probably
find it at Mile High.

a hat made of hemp? Runner-up The Fitter, located on the Hill, has
accessories galore to complement that color-changing glass pipe you just
had to have.

Tobacco Shop

1620 30th St., Boulder, 303-449-7089
22 Highway 72, Nederland, 303-258-9240

Second Place: Mile High Pipe & Tobacco
Third Place: Johnny’s Cigar Bar
Fourth Place: The Fitter
Fifth Place: University Hill Market

Call it Game of Smokes. A
power vacuum opened in this category with the departure of Eads News
& Smoke Shop, a perennial winner that closed in 2012. The throne
abandoned, last year’s runners-up began a dramatic battle to capture the
title of top tobacconist. We assume. In the end, the new king is Smoker Friendly, the
regional chain that offers its own SF brand of cigarettes, cigars,
smokeless tobacco and accessories, as well as all of the national