Best of Boulder East County: Retail Staff Picks



Place to Set Up for Your Massive Remodel
131 Sherman Drive, Longmont, 303-776-3334

So you bought the fixer-upper and are now finding that the fixings are a bit pricier than you’d like? Or there’s more to fix than you knew? Or now that you’ve fixed it up you need to furnish it?


The nonprofit home improvement store and donation center ReStore is a one-stop shop for furniture, home appliances and replacement fixtures from sinks to windows.

Plus, it helps put other people in homes. Proceeds go to support Habitat for Humanity projects building homes locally and around the world.

Place To Gear Up For The Great Outdoors
501 Main St., Longmont, 720-204-6173

One of the things we love about Old Town Outfitters is
that they love Longmont. The newly opened outdoor clothing store is
proud to call Longmont home — both for its history and for what it is
now. They’ve embraced the Colorado style and tout their outdoor apparel
as an option for everyday Colorado, which we like to think of as the
only place in the world where people wear Chacos to the office. Above
all, they say, this is not about the peaks you bagged. It’s about
getting the most out of where we live. And we’re on board with that.

Shop To Noodle On a Guitar
804 Main St., Louisville, 303-665-7733

Most people
just don’t appreciate a good guitar solo. They might tolerate one,
sure, if it doesn’t exceed 16 measures and comes sandwiched between
poppy choruses. So it might be hard to convey the pure joy guitar
players feel when entering a shop like Wildwood Guitars in
Louisville. Because unless you go crazy for tasty riffs and get
emotional over well-placed wails, it’s hard to understand why guitar
players start acting like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka’s factory when
they see dozens of guitars hanging from the walls, calling to them like a
chocolate river. Wildwood has not just an incredible selection (and
free shipping from its online store), but there are amps in practice
rooms in the back, making choosing your next axe more of a journey than a
retail experience.

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