Best of Boulder East County: Staff Picks in Food


Unique Breakfast

1442 Nelson Road, Longmont, 720-204-6634

Looking for an interesting way to start your day? We suggest heading over to City Café for their tamales and eggs breakfast. This plate full of Mexican morning nirvana can be had with either the restaurant’s homemade green or red sauce. Both are really good, but who can make such an impossible choice? We just get it Christmas style and smile all the way home. If you haven’t discovered City Café, this is your chance. The place has a great menu, and everything, including the friendly service, is wonderful.

Best Hot Dog North of the Border
1647 Kimbark St., Longmont, 720-288-3907

place is amazing. It’s set up as an outside, drive-up, street-food
location. The good news is it’s always in the same place so you know
where to find it. If you can get within a few blocks, just follow your

Hot dogs Marco’s style are a beautiful thing. First you take a great dog and wrap it in bacon. Then
you throw on cheese, pinto beans and roasted jalapeños. Don’t forget
the mustard, green sauce, red sauce and ketchup. That’s right, put ’em
all on. When you’re done, you’ve got the best hot dog north of the
border. Don’t even think about picking that bad boy up, this dog is fork
worthy. Grab a few dozen and a case Negra Modelo and you will go down
in history as a great party thrower.

Best Place to Get Gluten-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

7960 Niwot Road, Niwot, 303-652-6464

we know there are probably other places in East County where you can
get Boulder-based Outrageous Baking’s gluten-free lemon poppy seed
bread, but we like Winot Coffee. It just seems to taste better
with a Winot mocha latte. In fact, there are a host of GF products to
choose from at Winot, including additional varieties from Outrageous
Baking. We also like that Winot is a local, independent, family-owned
and community-minded coffee house that is eco-friendly and supports
sustainable products.

Best Deviled Eggs
300 Main St., Longmont, 303-834-9384

delectable orbs are served warm in small five-hole serving platter, and
in addition to the crab, they feature a zesty jalapeño pesto and
reggiano parmesan. They make an excellent starter while you’re perusing
the menu and reading about the history of the Dickens Tavern and
opera house, which are said to be haunted. Wander down the restaurant’s
quiet basement hallways, if you dare, then run back upstairs and order
another round of eggs.

Best Guacamole Made Tableside
246 Main St., Longmont 303-772-9923

is pretty cool, if you’ve never experienced it. We’d seen it done at a
restaurant north of Santa Fe called Gabriel’s. Your waiter brings over
all of the fixings you could possibly want in your guacamole, then cuts
open the avocados, dices the ingredients you choose and mixes it all up
in a bowl right at your table. It doesn’t get much fresher than that,
and it makes a huge difference in how the guac tastes. If you’re one of
those people who buys guacamole in a sealed plastic bag, prepare to be
amazed. Add this to the list of reasons to visit Antonio’s in downtown Longmont.

Best Non-Donut Item at Winchell’s
502 Main St., Longmont 303-772-4100

so granted, their donuts are extremely good, but when you’re looking
for a change of pace at Winchell’s in downtown Longmont, check out one
of their Extreme Melts, especially the bacon and avocado variety.
Choose your bagel (this bad boy is probably too much for a croissant)
and they’ll serve up a delectable open-face sandwich cut into fourths
featuring the aforementioned items covered in melted cheese on top of a
smear of mayo. Not the healthiest decision you could make for breakfast,
but a mouthwatering treat on special occasions. Like every Sunday.