Putting farm-fresh food on the table

Peter Volz of Oxford Gardens in Niwot
Susan France

Unless you haven’t eaten out in Boulder, have never gone downtown on a Wednesday or Saturday, haven’t driven through farm country in Boulder County, and haven’t shopped a grocery store in Boulder, you’re probably aware that the local food movement here is thriving.

It’s thriving to the degree of well-watered zucchinis in late summer. Menus across town mark their local produce by name of farm. And what you had for dinner in April is no longer listed by August. The experience has made for a blossoming local community of chefs who crack open local farms the way the average cook peeks into a cabinet when ready to make dinner — hmm, what do we have tonight?

This fall, Boulderganic takes a look behind the curtain of the local farm to table movement, exploring that community.

We’ve taken that idea of connecting the dots to other venues around the county and looked at the ripple effect of our choices — what happens after we recycle, what’s happened to our local industries and why it’s important to pay attention to the increasing opportunities to recycle everything from pills we pop to appliances we plug in. We hope these stories whet the foodie appetite in you, and cultivate healthier lives and a sustainable community.

Of course, reading about food isn’t nearly as much fun as actually tasting it, so for this fall’s Boulderganic After Hours, we’re bringing together members of the local farm to table movement to talk shop — and serve it up. This free event will bring local personalities — a farmer, restaurateur and chef — together to talk more about the movement. Expo tables and sampling will be included.

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