Tips for the freshmen


We asked a former intern what he wished he knew as a freshman. Here’s what he came up with:

How big the Halloween Marine apartments party actually is.

It is NOT cool to wear your lanyard that shows off your student I.D. card. You might as well hold a sign that says “freshman.”

Having really good friends in a fraternity gets you all the benefits of being in a fraternity without the pain and effort of actually joining.

Take advantage of all the free events on campus. You can learn a lot, and some of them can be fun.

Go to the planetarium once, and only once, as a freshman.

If you want to find a job that will make you a lot of money, do some research. Googling “top 10 most in demand jobs in the next 10 years” is a good way to start, and you’ll be surprised what comes up.

Once you find your major, find an internship. It will put you miles ahead of everyone else.

Don’t be afraid to take a year off if you have a good reason/plan. CU makes it easy to do so.

Focus on building skills. Employers don’t care about good grades; they care about what you can do. With that said, prestigious internships usually require a 3.0 or better, which is easy to do.

You can only do two of the three following things at once: get good grades, party or get a job. If you try all three, you’ll soon find out you’re stretched too thin.

Don’t ruin your GPA your freshman year. Classes are easy and take advantage of that while you can.

Getting a house with 10 best friends, or even one best friend, isn’t as fun as you imagine.

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