Winter Scene 2016

Courtesy of Ted Mahon

One of the best things about Colorado is that nothing slows down when the snow flies and the temperature drops below freezing.  In these parts, all we do is change the gear we stick on our roof racks or head out a few minutes earlier to make sure we get to the show on time on slick streets.

Winter has just as many opportunities for fun as any other season, whether it’s in the mountains or right along the Front Range. And that is why we love putting together Winter Scene every year. We get just as excited about all the cool things we find to do between November and April as our readers do.

Just in case you get a wild hair and decide to ski every slope the state has to offer in a single season, we have put together a guide to all the resorts. And good luck with your quest.

For those whose adventures fall more on the musical side, we have once again put together a guide of many of the best shows coming to the Front Range over the next five months. There is truly something for every taste from classical to the electronic, bluegrass, folk, indie, rock, jazz, world music and metal heavy enough to keep you groovin’ for weeks. 

And there’s plenty more than music to keep you entertained this winter. We were amazed at all the interesting stuff going on here on the east side of the Rockies so we broke it all out in our guide to Front Range events.

But wait, there’s more.

If you have plans to visit the mountains this winter — and we know you do — you’ll want something to occupy your time when you aren’t screaming down the mountain waist deep in powder or too sore to bend over from the same. For those times, we have provided a guide to statewide festivals and events and trust us, there are plenty of interesting things to keep you so busy you won’t even think about the lame excuse you gave your boss for skipping out on Friday… or was it not coming back on Monday? Whatever.

We know you can’t get out there and have an adventure every single day this winter, so we included a couple of winter-themed stories you can enjoy by the fire on one of those rare days off (be warned: These are going to make you want to get back out there and adventure some more).

In all seriousness, winter is just a cold version of summer in Colorado. So don’t hibernate, get out there and have a great time. After all, that’s why you live here.