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The human factor

In 2005, Michelle Vanek disappeared while hiking Mount of the Holy Cross, her first attempt to summit one of Colorado’s infamous...

A community’s response

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Native Americans especially hard. But as the spotlight turned to larger communities, including the Navajo Nation, the...

Make farm work a humane occupation

I am a farmer in Boulder County, and I wholeheartedly support the agricultural worker’s rights bill, SB21-087, that is being debated in...

The ‘poor door’ and the pattern of legalized segregation in Boulder

Many in the Gunbarrel community are concerned that the proposed development located on the Celestial Seasonings property will continue Boulder’s affordable...

A new reality for Israelis, Palestinians and U.S. politics

The Israel-Palestine conflict is frequently portrayed as an eternal Hatfields versus McCoys dispute. There is calm now after the fighting. 

Both barrels

Dear Dan: I need your advice. My partner of 27 years has been sleeping with my best friend. This has been going...

At the movies

A man goes to the movies. The critic must be honest enough to admit he is that man. —Robert Warshow

SROs and racism

Will Betke-Brunswick makes comics that blend the do-it-yourself aesthetic of a zine with the punchy-one-liner vibe of a New Yorker comic.

What to do when there’s ‘nothing’ to…

If your organization is planning an event of any kind, please email Caitlin at crockett boulderweekly com. 

Blasting the planet next door

In September 1859, the most powerful explosion in recorded history burst from the surface of the sun, releasing more energy than a...

All about the terpenes

There are a lot of elements involved with choosing the right bud when you’re perusing a dispensary. There’s the classic sativa versus...

Astrology 5/27

ARIESMarch 21-April 19: “Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence,” declares an Arab...