12 for 2012: This Year’s Best New Mountain Bikes

none | Boulder Weekly

We’ve ridden, tested and evaluated dozens of the most promising bikes of
2012. From flyweight full-suspension 29ers to carbon downhill bikes and
a handful of beautiful and revolutionary trail bikes, here are 12 of
our favorites.

Yeti SB-66

One of the most exciting bikes unveiled so far this year has
been Yeti’s radical SB-66, a six-inch trail bike that is more aggressive
than the existing 575. The new bike features an entirely new suspension
platform called Switch Suspension Technology, which uses an eccentric
lower pivot to manage chain forces. As the dual-link suspension
compresses, the eccentric initially rotates counter-clockwise. Then,
comes the twist: a bit more than halfway through the travel, it reverses
direction and rotates clockwise. This translates to a bike that pedals
incredibly efficiently, and the suspension works smoothly sucks up bumps
without being compromised by chain growth or rider input.

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