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New shop specializes in sports bras for the well-endowed

Andrea Sutherland | Boulder Weekly

Kim Larson’s shop in Lafayette may raise some eyebrows from passersby — and cheers from those burdened with heaving bosoms.


BoulderFields, a “bra boutique” dedicated to helping big-breasted women, opened in October.

“My brother wanted to call it the ‘Knocker Locker,’” says Larson, who boasts a 34E rack on her otherwise petite frame.

BoulderFields specializes in athletic undergarments with sizes ranging from 28AA to 56N.

“Most American retailers don’t typically size beyond double D,” Larson says. “They tend to cater to popular sizes.”

Larson says she is beginning to expand her store’s inventory to include underwires, swimsuits and even lingerie.

“We also feature ‘dimmers’ to help with headlights,” Larson says.

“A lot of women runners were complaining that their high-beams were showing in their race photos.”

A tri-athlete, Ironwoman and tennis player since high school, Larson knows the struggles women with large breasts face.

“I worked with so many women, and they all had the same concern — what should I wear?” Larson says. “It’s so important to find the right bra.”

Larson says the wrong bra could lead to stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments, the connective tissue in the breast.

“Women who have been generously blessed by the Chest Fairy often complain about the physical discomforts that can accompany big bust size, such as back and neck pain,” says Rachel Palmer, founder of Bigbustsupport.com,
a website devoted to educating and supporting large-chested women. “A
proper-fitting bra will make your shirts fit better and can actually
slim your silhouette by bringing everything up into place.”

That, Larson says, is her main goal.

“I will do anything to help someone find the right bra,” says Larson, who started her business in Washington, D.C., in 2010.

used to shop at a boutique in Jersey,” she says. “I would drive from
D.C. to Jersey every few months. I was working a lot of odd jobs, and I
wanted to start my own business, so I figured a bra shop would be

Larson says she strives to help women feel comfortable about finding the right bra.

“I want women who generally can’t find bras to be able to come in,” she says. “I developed early, so I was very self-conscious.”

she continues to grow her customer base, Larson has partnered with
local women’s athletic teams and event companies, including the
University of Colorado’s Alpine Club and Women’s Rugby team, She Does
Tri and Team Z, a triathlon team based in Virginia.

BoulderFields is a onewoman operation, Larson encourages women to call
for appointments or check the store website for hours.

For more information, call 301- 437-5907 or visit www.boulderfields.com.

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