US Mountain Bike Trail Stats: The West and States with Mountains Rule

none | Boulder Weekly

We had a lot of fun with the mountain bike ownership analysis
a couple weeks ago and now it’s time to delve into some trail stats.
Ever wonder which US states have the most miles of mountain bike trails?
Or which states have the lowest trail use densities? We did–and here
are our findings.

The first chart above shows raw trail mileages for each state. At the high end, Colorado has 5,138 miles of bike trails while tiny Delaware
has just 106 miles. I say “plus” because there’s no way every
MTB-legal trail in the US is in the singletracks database but we can use
it as a good approximation, especially when comparing states. Obviously
California and Colorado stand out but there are a couple other
interesting trends to note.

  • States west of the Mississippi seem to have more trail mileage than
    those on the east side. Of course there are plenty of explanations for
    this: western states are larger (an area-normalized chart confirms this)
    and western states are also not as densely developed as eastern ones.

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