Your guide to where to get your treats this holiday season

Marissa Hermanson | Boulder Weekly

Whether you are looking for a gift or a dessert to serve yourself, Boulder County has notable bakeries for everything from holiday cookies to fruitcakes to yule logs to satisfy your sugar cravings.


Tee & Cakes offers a variety of holiday desserts, from decorated cupcakes and sugar cookies to pies and cakes. Tee & Cakes has an extensive selection of mini and full-sized pies — cherry, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate bourbon pecan, apple, sour cherry, key lime and many more. Stop by and try the daily tea bread. The pumpkin chocolate chip and cranberry orange both sound delightful and are sure to please. The bakery also has croissants, muffins, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, bagels and scones. Just about everything is baked in house, and they always have fresh brownies, lemon bars and cookies. Tee & Cakes is located at 1932 14th St., off Pearl Street Mall. Call 720-406-7548 or visit for more information.

Spruce Confections’ holiday pies — pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan and peach raspberry — are the perfect after-dinner treat, ranging from $11–$16. Spruce Confections also has frosted and decorated holiday cookies. Buy one, a dozen or two dozen. They also bake festive holiday cakes. Spruce Confections is located at 767 Pearl St. and 4684 Broadway. Call 303-449-6773 for more information.


The Bavarian Bakery offers delicious breakfast goodies, fruit breads and desserts. Filled with dried fruits like lemon, orange and raisins, as well as almonds, the fruit bread is a delicious holiday indulgence. The bakery is well-known for its Danish pastries, cheese and fruit-filled Danish, strudels and kringles. Almond croissants with marzipan paste, cinnamon rolls, bear claws and rispies are also mouth-watering treats. Or how about rum balls, rogulah or almond horns?

The Bavarian Bakery also boasts fruit pies and cakes for desserts. The bakery is located at 613 Frontage Rd. Call 303-678-1014, or visit for more information.


Can’t choose what kind of cookies to leave out for Santa? A Grand Finale Patisserie offers a large selection of cookies — holiday thumbprints, gingersnaps, Russian teacakes, chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, raspberry linzer cookies, apricot rugalach cookies and coconut macaroons. Want to ship a delicious dessert to a family member or friend across the country? No problem. A Grande Finale does it for you. The bakery also has brandied fruitcakes, yule logs and cream pies. This month’s dessert is chocolate peppermint cheesecake, the perfect holiday treat.

The bakery also offers dessert gift boxes for an assortment of holiday cookies or brownies. Or fill a gift basket with cookies, truffles, dessert balls, fruit bread or fudge. A Grand Finale is located at 641 Main St. in Louisville (303- 926-4084) and at 489 North Hwy. 287 in Lafayette (720-890-4906). Visit for more information.