State Board of Education District 2: Angelika Schroeder (D)

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State Board of Education

Congressional District 2

David Cottrell

Ann Fattor

Angelika Schroeder

2 incumbent Angelika Schroeder (D-Boulder) has been serving on the
State Board of Education since filling a vacancy in 2008 and winning a
special election in 2010. She is running for an additional six-year
term. Schroeder champions local control over education and the national
movement to oversee educator effectiveness.

been a greater understanding at the school district level that even if
they’re a large district with greater resources than some of the
smaller districts, they really cannot go it all alone,” Schroeder says.
“They need to collaborate with each other and try to work together.
This is analogous to what’s happening nationally.”

candidate Ann Fattor, a Black Hawk resident, is a native Coloradan and
has served eight years on the Gilpin County Board of Education, and is
currently chair of the Gilpin County Republicans. A strong advocate of
local control, Fattor says she believes in parental involvement and
choice as being key to strengthening our school system, rather than a
one-size-fits-all approach demanded from national reform initiatives.

core value is believing that we create an environment where parents
can engage, and not have edicts coming down from above,” Fattor says.
“Our [current] system does not really encourage parental involvement. I
think when the parent has choice and knows that they can hold the
system accountable, I think that’s healthier for education.”

David Cottrell is also running for the 2nd District Board of Education
seat. His contact information lists an address in Littleton.