Fort Collins Beer Week is nigh

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

In last week’s edition of the Boulder Weekly Beer Tour, we told you about a new Tuesday-night running series at Under the Sun in South Boulder.

Well it turns out they’re not the only brewery interested in trying to make you puke. Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing has started a run’n’chug series of its own, the “Beer Run” Running Club, which will be going down every Saturday from noon-1 p.m.

“Each runner is encouraged to go at their own pace (if you want to walk instead of run, that is absolutely fine!),” Morgan Zamora, administrator for Left Hand Brewing wrote in a press release.

Go ahead and canter or mosey if you like. You’ll still get a free carboloaded pint of brew come 1 p.m.

But that ain’t the only way to get a free pint from Left Hand this week. Friday, May 9, Left Hand Brewing will be giving free drinks to the right hands of progress: teachers. To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, the brewery will give a free pint card with every pint purchase to anyone with ID showing they work for a school system. It starts at noon, around when the morning kindergarten classes will be letting out, and continues past quitting time until 9 p.m.

You can also fight against multiple sclerosis at Left Hand this weekend, with a fundraiser on Saturday, May 10.

Meredith Clinkbeard of the Left Hand Brewing bike team will be raising funds for the cause by selling handmade mugs and steins from 1-5 p.m.

But hey, Colorado has a few other breweries besides Left Hand. And a lot of them will be partying down come Monday, May 12, which is the official start of American Craft Brew Week.

Boulder’s Twisted Pine Brewing will be holding a kickoff party on Monday, May 12, in which American Amber pints will be half-price all day.

But the real action will be up in Fort Collins where they said, “American Craft Brew Week? Not on our watch. It’s Fort Collins Beer Week.”

Ignoring that every week in Fort Collins is pretty much already Fort Collins Beer Week, the official Fort Collins Beer Week will run Sunday, May 11 to Sunday, May 18 and feature dozens of special events, pairings, performances, bottle-openings and more.

Two of the biggest attractors will be the opening night party on the Tony’s rooftop, which will feature every brewery in town hocking their wares in the sky on Sunday, May 11, and the Brewer’s Olympics on Wednesday, May 14, in which teams of brewers will face off in shenaniganry the likes of which may never be seen again. Until next year’s Fort Collins Beer Week anyhow.

Complete details and schedule are available at www.FortCollinsBeerWeek. com.