Truth be Told Grand Story Slam

Feb. 16: 7 p.m. Shine Restaurant and Gathering

Nadia Mishkin | Boulder Weekly

Everyone has that one friend who always has something really funny or amazing happen to them, and is really good at telling the story. Truth Be Told is Boulder’s bimonthly story slam where all those people can come out and speak their truth. Participants come up with a five-minute story that must be true, based on a provided theme. This special edition, “All Star Grand Slam Championship,” will feature all of the winners from each of the 2013 slams and the theme “hand.” The show, put on by local performance artists Nina Rolle and Johanna Walker, takes place at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place.

“It’s such a great intimate space for stories,” Rolle says. “We’re really excited,” Walker adds. “We’ve had a lot of great storytellers that have blown us away, and now the best of the best are going up against each other. We expect to hear some really good stories on Sunday.”

Rolle and Walker will host the show. “We perform musical interludes that tell mini stories throughout the night for an added flair,” Rolle.

Advance tickets can be purchased online at and are $13.