Bratz Dolls Manufacturer Sues Lady Gaga for $10 Million

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MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer of the popular Bratz line of dolls, has filed a lawsuit against Lady Gaga and her management firm over a breach of contract, reports Bloomberg.
MGA alleges Gaga, her management company Atom Factory and the Universal
Music Group-owned merchandising firm Bravado International Group
delayed the approval of a Gaga doll line, and the company is seeking
over $10 million in damages.

The lawsuit, filed in New York, claims MGA came to an agreement with
Bravado in December 2011 to produce Gaga dolls, citing Bravado’s
“request and insistence.” MGA paid Bravado a $1 million fee with plans
to have the dolls ready for retailers this summer. But Bravado told MGA
in April that Gaga wished to postpone production and shipping until
2013, when she plans on releasing a new album.