Newsweek’s website just used the words ‘sizzurp’ and ‘drank’ in a headline

Is Lil Wayne on his drank lean purp in this photo??
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Awkwarder than a Papal Harlem Shake video: The Daily Beast, Newsweek’s website, recently wrote a story on Lil Wayne’s health issues that included the words “sizzurp” and “drank” in its headline.

Lil Wayne, of course, suffered a seizure last week and has been in Los Angeles hospital Cedars-Sinai recovering. At one point, TMZ falsely reported the rapper, born Dwayne Carter Jr., was near death.

Speculation on Carter’s health condition has centered on his use of codeine-laced cough syrup, often simply called “syrup” or, if you’re awkward enough, “sizzurp.” Codeine in cough syrup was identified as the cause of the 2007 death of Pimp C, who Carter often cites as an influence.

See the incredibly awkward headline and story at The Daily Beast.