Watch This: ‘Master of the Flying Guillotine’

Nadia Mishkin | Boulder Weekly

Master of the Flying Guillotine is Taiwanese director Jimmy Wang Yu’s 1976 sequel to One Armed Boxer. Yu not only directed and wrote the film but starred as the main character, a martial arts master who is stalked by a blind assassin seeking revenge.

The film is titled after the assassin’s deadly weapon, the “flying guillotine,” which is described on the cover as “the most gruesome weapon ever conceived.”

If that isn’t bad enough bad-ass Kung Fu action for you, know that Method Man of the The Wu Tang Clan alluded to the flick on “Shadowboxin’” from GZA’s classic 1995 album Liquid Swords, and Quentin Tarantino has called the film one of his all-time favorites. American film producer (Garden State) Dan Halsted has said, “This is one of the greatest Kung Fu movies of all time, and truly must be seen to be believed.”

This screening of the film at the International Film Series will be on rare, original 35 mm film, made possible by a private collector who rescued the prints.

Thursday, Feb. 6: Master of the Flying Guillotine. 7:30 p.m. Visual Arts Complex Basement Auditorium on CU campus, visit for more information.

—Nadia Mishkin