Cats on skates

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Thursday-Sunday, July 17-27: The Amazing Acro-Cats Boogie in Boulder!!! The Nomad Theater. 8 p.m. 1410 Quince Ave.

Humans can’t resist watching adorable kitties doing goofy things on the Internet, so, why not see it live? Feline behavioral expert and trainer Samantha Martin puts on a live show of trained cats (all orphans or rescues) walking tight-ropes, riding skateboards, traversing an agility course and performing in a “cat band,” all while being adorable. Martin also shows the importance of “clicker training” and how it can improve your cat’s life and aid in an emergency situation. Even if your cats don’t follow the program and immedietly jump on a unicycle, it’s still a super-cute lesson. Visit for more info.